Flower box is the newest trend of indoor and outdoor gardening these days. Most people living in suburbs are most likely enjoying the availability of this unique home and gardening decoration. It is not our typical bed gardens. Flower boxes normally can cater just a meter or two sets of flowering plants, but the thing about container garden is the function that it gives if people do not have space for gardening at home.

There are different types of flower box gardens, naming a few are self watering window box, pvc window box and aluminum container box. Página Web These are some of the examples that I want to share on this article. All three are actually available in most flower shops in your area. We can also try to check online for some more information about the flower window boxes that are suitable to our home arrangement. We can also have some customized container boxes if we want to personally create our own that matches the concept of theme of our home.

Self watering window box as what the name suggest has a built-in irrigation system to keep the soil and the plants moist. This is for some home and gardening buffs the most convenient window flower boxes if the home owner does not wish to oblige themselves to water their plants daily.

Another type is the pvc window box which is made of polyvinyl chloride and is one of the most widely produced plastic. This plastic material is commonly used to create household tools. Example of which are hoses, tubes and other necessary household equipment.

Lastly, the aluminum flower box, just like the pvc flower box, it is commonly used at home. Most kitchen tools are made of aluminum. Good thing about aluminum window box is the durability of the container. Because of the light weight material, we can easily transfer and install the box without any hassle.Well, whichever type of flower boxes we choose, so long as we have a nice and stunning looking garden at home, it would be a great addition to our interior and exterior home development plan.

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